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Hey y’all. I’m Tyler, and I’m ready to transform your sales development efforts. Every successful business needs a strong sales team and an effective prospecting strategy. So what does that look like for you? Is it…

Whether you have an SDR program in place or are building a team from scratch, The Sales Lift is here to help you reach your sales goals.

Transform your sales development. Upskill your reps and leaders. Get ready to scale.


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Outbound Sales Lift

Elevate your SDR team and transform your sales development efforts

Outbound Sales Lift podcast cover

Outbound Sales Lift is a podcast for everyone in sales from experienced sales team leaders to entry-level SDRs.

Host Tyler Lindley talks with thought leaders in sales to provide actionable sales development insights and leadership strategy to help you close more deals.

Episodes explore topics including onboarding and coaching sales reps and how to improve outbound prospecting strategies.

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How The Sales Lift Can Help

Our approach combines sales strategy and coaching to build a foundation for streamlined and effective sales processes alongside personalized coaching to ensure your team can confidently implement your new strategy.

Create an outbound prospecting program

Develop a sales strategy and playbook

Coach your sales team so they can confidently execute your strategy

Build a sales team from scratch or enhance your existing team

Audit inbound structures and follow ups