Sales Consulting for Companies

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

The Sales Lift uses a combination of strategy and coaching designed to strengthen your sales foundation and support your business’s continued growth. Whether you have sales experience or are just getting started in sales, I can make sales work for you and your company.

Sales Strategy to Build a Strong, Scalable Foundation

Sales is an essential part of any successful business strategy. But it can be difficult to learn the ins and outs of sales and get a new program off the ground.

The Sales Lift can help you:

Sales Coaching to Execute Your Plan with Confidence

Once you have a solid sales strategy in place, the next step is ensuring you and your team have the skills needed to put your plan in action.

To help you realize your new strategy, The Sales Lift can:

Tyler is an All-star sales coach, leader, and mentor. Tyler provided top-tier guidance to my SDRs on how to navigate their careers, interview for promotions, and build their professional brands. He was an exceptional advisor to me as a leader in navigating coaching, team building, and training initiatives. Tyler's charm and candor made him extremely pleasant to work with. Without his contributions, the SDR org at Asana would not be where it is today.
Clark Louie Headshot
Clark Louie
Head of Inbound Sales Development, Asana

What can you expect when working with The Sales Lift?

1) Full audit of your existing sales practices

We look under the hood to identify what’s working, what can be improved, and what operations need to be built to help you achieve your goals.

2) Develop a scalable sales foundation

We work with you to build a personalized sales strategy for your business, introducing the methods, systems, processes, and technology you need to scale.

3) Coach and train you and your team

We provide sales leaders and reps with the coaching they need to confidently execute your new sales strategy. Since we helped develop the strategy, we tailor our training to the skills that will be most impactful for your business.

The Sales Lift’s approach combines strategy and coaching to provide full-scale support for companies ready to take the next step.

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