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Introducing Outbound Sales Lift, a podcast to help elevate your SDR team and transform your sales development efforts.

Host Tyler Lindley talks with thought leaders in the industry to provide actionable insights and leadership strategy to improve your sales engagement and close more deals. Whether you’re an experienced sales team leader or entry-level sales rep, we share tips so you can book more meetings, empower your sales team, and optimize your top-of-funnel outreach.

Outbound Sales Lift provides a perspective from all sides of the sales development world with guests spanning a variety of roles and businesses. Tyler interviews SDRs, AEs (Account Executives), SDR managers, CEOs, and more who represent industries from tech sales and SaaS to professional services and digital agencies.

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And remember, no sale starts until you book that meeting!

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While you’re waiting for new episodes of Outbound Sales Lift, listen to past episodes of the podcast. Tyler talks with leaders in marketing, sales, and customer success to bring you career and business insights.

Embrace the Sales Evangelist Role with Amelia Taylor

Embrace the Sales Evangelist Role with Amelia Taylor

Amelia Taylor joins Outbound Sales Lift to describe the role of sales evangelist and why more companies should consider investing in the position. An evangelist is focused on networking, connecting directly with prospects to build strong, trusting relationships.

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