What is Sales Enablement with Tyler Lindley

What is Sales Enablement? with Tyler Lindley

#1: Sales Enablement is a buzzword that’s used often but often misunderstood.

Listen as Tyler Lindley dives deeper into what sales enablement means and what you can expect from The Sales Lift podcast moving forward.

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Hey y'all. I'm Tyler and this is The Sales Lift. The Sales Lift is a sales enablement podcast hosted by me, Tyler Lindley. This is episode one, a solo episode with just me. Most episodes will feature a conversation with an expert in marketing, sales or sales enablement, where we gain insight and ideas from that guest interview. Occasionally, episodes will be just myself discussing a key idea or theme around sales enablement that I think will be valuable to you. At the end of the day, that's what this podcast is about, bringing value to you, the listener and who exactly is this podcast for?

This podcast is for business leaders, marketing leaders, sales leaders and sales enablement professionals that are interested in learning more about sales enablement and how it can help your company grow and succeed and scale faster.

So that brings us to today's episode. Episode one, what is sales enablement? Sales enablement. It's a buzzword that's used often but often misunderstood. A big part of this podcast we'll be exploring what sales enablement means exactly. We will work to define what sales enablement is and why you should care about implementing sales enablement as part of your strategy for your organization. You know, part of this podcast will be to work on creating a crowdsourced definition of sales enablement from the discussions I have with marketing, sales, and enablement professionals. But because this is only episode one, I'm obviously still working on that crowdsourced definition.

So here's what I think based on what I know so far. Sales enablement means empowering your sales team to sell better and faster and with more useful resources. It's a collective effort involving marketing, sales and customer success teams that can align better to increase sales. Sales enablement is about enabling that individual sales rep on your team to overachieve because they have so much ammunition going into the sales process. And those resources can come from a sales manager or the marketing team or the customer success team, even executive leaders or specific enablement professionals. It really just means getting set up for success versus failure, setting your sales team up for success. You know, I've been in sales and I've felt supported and I've also felt ignored by the organization around me. And it really has a huge impact on the confidence that those individual sales reps have when going into a sales conversation.

Some of the key themes that we're going to explore in this show are first is marketing and sales alignment. You know, a company's marketing and sales budgets are typically two of the largest line item expenses for most organizations. However, rarely are marketing and sales teams in sync. You know, they don't communicate, they have different ideas about the ideal customer profile that their business should be targeting. Or maybe there's a really messy handoff from the marketing team to the sales team when a prospect is ready to talk to sales. Wherever it might occur, if marketing and sales aren't aligned, it can lead to a variety of issues for companies trying to generate more revenue.

Another key theme we're going to explore is sales training and onboarding. You know, sales training and onboarding are really the systems and the information that you give your sales team to help them close more deals. The sales training is really that framework, it's the methodology that you give to the sales team so that they can implement a consistent process for moving prospects to customers. Onboarding, on the other hand, is that initial sales training, where you give that new information to new sales hires, so you can get them up to speed as in selling quickly and effectively as quickly as possible. You know, it's a lot more than just product knowledge. But it really is about the skills and information necessary to succeed as a new sales rep.

Another key theme, the buyers journey, you know, that process that you take your prospects through from those first touches online to signing on the dotted line to upsells and referrals and more. Every step of that buyer's journey should be important. It should be planned and scripted and improved upon over time. The buyers journey is really it's always a work in progress, you know, how can your company make it better? How can you delight your buyers at every step of that journey? And how can you reduce that buyer's remorse that a lot of your new customers have right after they buy from you?

Another key theme we're gonna explore is sales tools and technology. You know, what resources are you giving your sales reps to keep up with their sales process and connect with prospects and existing clients more easily. Things like CRMs, communication tools, marketing platforms and more. You know, there's thousands of software tools that exists to help increase sales, but it's important to not just choose a bunch of tools that get in the way of making sales, but rather choose the right set of tools that will allow the sales team to perform at peak levels with little confusion in the process.

I'm so excited to take this journey together and really determine how sales enablement can help you and your business succeed in the future. Please check out our website at thesaleslift.com for episode show notes. We're going to have blog posts on sales enablement best practices. There'll be a sign up there for our newsletter that's going to feature all of this great content sent to your email inbox. So you can also feel free to email your questions directly to me at Tyler @ thesaleslift.com. If you need help implementing some of these ideas you hear, you know, let me know. If you know of someone that I should interview on this podcast, drop me a note because I really look forward to creating a dialogue and getting to know most of you personally, as you listen to the show and engage with this content online. I want to thank you so much for joining me today. I'll see you again soon here right next week on The Sales Lift. Take care!