Sales Systems to Jumpstart your Agency w/ Joey Gilkey

#16: Are you tired of wondering when your agency’s next sale might come in? Do you wonder if you should bring in a sales hire to ramp up your sales efforts? Listen as Joey Gilkey takes you step-by-step through what to consider when growing your agency’s sales org. He goes over the systems and processes needed to scale your agency’s sales operations effectively.

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Episode Highlights:

So most agency owners look at sales as deals that I close, right? Like that’s how they define sales. And most agencies are growing through word of mouth and referral and maybe some like really sporadic, inbound, right?

Nothing predictable, nothing sustainable. And so what happens is agency owners can oftentimes find themselves as being the only salesperson and they don’t know how to actually delegate. So I’m a big fan of what we call do, document, delegate. You got to do something really well until you can document it really well.

And then once you document it really well, you can delegate it really well. And so oftentimes they’re not good doers, so they don’t know how to document and they don’t know how to delegate.