Jobs to be Done, Sales to be Won w/ Bob Moesta

#17: Jobs to be done theory was popularized in the mid-90s at Harvard Business School by Bob Moesta and Clayton Christiansen. Bob has applied the theory to sales with his new methodology “Demand Side Sales.” Bob discusses how to match the buyer’s actions to your sales process and the importance of pushing back in sales.

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Half the time when I’m teaching salespeople to do this it’s “so why do you need that feature? It’s well, because somebody else has it.
It’s okay, “what’s the outcome you’re going to get by this feature?”
“Oh, I don’t know.”
And so you start to realize, well that feature’s going to cost you X, Y, and Z.
And so part of this is we never challenge people to why they need things and ultimately the outcome that they’re trying to get. Right?
And so part of this is inactive looking and deciding is where you start to actually frame up the trade-off they have to make.
Everybody makes a trade-off everybody and people buy things.Companies don’t buy things. So part of it is to understand the social and emotional and functional components and the trade-offs they’re willing to make.