Close Deals Faster w/ B2B Customer Video w/ Sam Shepler

#33: Listen as Sam Shepler, CEO & Founder at Testimonial Hero, details the importance of using customer video and testimonials throughout the buyer’s journey to accelerate your revenue engine. We talk about the different types of customer video you can create, creating customer video remotely, unexpected ways to use testimonials and the voice of the customer, and more!

Important Links:

Sam’s LinkedIn Profile

Testimonial Hero’s Website

Sam Shepler’s Bio:

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero. 150+ B2B revenue leaders at Google, UiPath, Medallia, InsightSquared, and many others use Testimonial Hero to easily create customer videos that engage prospects, reduce friction in the sales cycle, and drive more revenue faster.

Sam’s mission is to help B2B SaaS & Tech companies bridge the B2B trust gap, reduce sales friction, and SUPERCHARGE their revenue programs–all through the voice of the customer.