Prospecting, Cold Calling & Social Selling w/ Jamie Martin

#39: Listen as Jamie Martin, the Founder of Correct Careers Coaching, details his modern sales framework for building rapport and relationships with prospects on social media. We discuss the concept of quality vs. quantity in sales, taking a personal approach to effective social selling, and what best practices to implement when building a brand.

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Quality Vs. Quantity (0:32)

It’s now more important than ever to consider quality versus quantity when it comes to your sales process and how you’re filling your pipeline.

It takes time to qualify/disqualify a large pool of prospects. Focusing on quality allows you to target your ideal customer profiles, which will save you time. 

Focusing on quality would mean moving from a large volume of cold calls to a smaller volume of warm calls. This can be done through doing your research and due diligence. 

It’s vital to build a relationship very early in the process to convert them. Taking a quality approach, even if it takes more time initially, will establish a personal relationship easier and speed up the process later on. 

TouchPoints (3:48)

When it comes to effectively pursuing touchpoints, Jamie’s SDRs or AEs have more successful personal approaches because it’s about your personality and your prospects’ personality. 

Tailoring extra effort of touchpoints with a prospect, whether over a video call or even WhatsApp, shows the personal approach. It’s not just copying and pasting emails. It’s about you building that like and trust for strengthened and long-lasting relationships. 

Because most conversations are made of nonverbal communication, you can work out communication styles by mirroring your customer. However, the best answer is to ask how they would prefer to communicate, and they’ll let you know.

A part of it is to be that scientist and stay perceptive.

Effective Social Selling (8:23)

Jamie created a modern sales funnel that operates as a framework for building rapport and relationships with someone over a social media channel. The goal is to identify who your prospects are and then build a relationship with them over a series of actions.

The only way to effectively convert a prospect is to show them that you are someone they can trust. You’re not just in it for the sale. 

If we strengthen relationships by supporting one another, they see your authenticity and passion. It solidifies that’s you are the one they want to have a conversation with it, and once you’ve got that conversation, the buy-in process will begin.

Building A Brand (11:03)

When it comes to social media marketing, you’re going to be working for a company, but you also work as an individual. So, it’s essential to demonstrate both sides of that coin. 

The way to go would be staying within a niche. There, you’re going to be seen as an expert and someone who knows what they’re talking about.

It’s vital to have conversations with the SDRs and AEs who are doing the socially selling daily when looking from a management level. If something’s working really well, it should be shared across the business and replicated to make it easier for the SDRs to socially sell better.

If you haven’t been doing the marketing yourself (like if your company doesn’t have a marketing-specific function just yet), you should consider outsourcing to businesses with more experience.

Looking Outside LinkedIn (17:27)

Jamie explains that even though LinkedIn is a primary social media tool for businesses, not all companies use that specific platform. It really comes down to finding what your customer prefers to use and engaging with them there.

The strategy and sales process need to be looked at early on as you decide where to put your social selling techniques, tools, and enablement in that process. The best thing for everyone is to have a bit of a reset right now. 

The digital world is very much out there now, and it will continue to grow. If your business hasn’t been embracing it, then you do need to revisit it.

Jamie’s Bio:

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder of Correct Careers Coaching) is an award-winning (3x) sales professional, cocreator of a B2B sales e-Learning course, as well as an author, podcaster, and speaker. Jamie is passionate about sales strategy, social media, and sales training to help businesses improve their revenue and processes.