5 Pillars of SDR Management

5 Pillars of SDR Management

#95: Outbound Sales Lift host Tyler Lindley outlines his 5 pillars of SDR management — hiring, onboarding and training, coaching, data and reporting, and leadership. He explores what successful SDR managers should focus on, starting with the vetting process when hiring new sales reps and continuing through everyday coaching responsibilities from core sales skills to mindset coaching.

Tyler shares advice from his experience managing SDRs to ensure that future leaders are equipped with both the soft and hard skills needed to train and coach teams to achieve their goals.


[1:03]: Hiring new sales reps

  • Specific qualities SDR managers should look for during the hiring process
  • Who should be involved in hiring
  • Tips for questions and exercises that will uncover traits sales reps should (and shouldn’t) have to be successful

[4:55]: Onboarding & Training

  • How to set new SDRs up for success at the outset
  • Tyler explains the difference between training and coaching

[7:41] Coaching SDRs

  • Advice for SDR managers coaching reps in specific skills such as cold calling
  • Skills coaching versus mindset coaching

[12:21] Sales Data & Reporting

  • SDR managers need to stay connected to the data
  • Why tracking every sales metric possible isn’t always the best path forward

[14:59] Leadership as an SDR Manager

  • Moving into the SDR manager role after being a top performing SDR
  • Considering your team above your individual performance
  • Being fulfilled by team success