Family Sales Huddle: My Wife Interviews Me w/ Juliana & Tyler Lindley

#57: Listen as Juliana Lindley, full-time mom and marketer guru (& Tyler’s wife- if you didn’t already know!), guest interviews Tyler on his journey from marketing, to business owner, to sales rockstar. Tyler shares how following an organic path helped him land where he is today and offers tricks and advice to excelling in remote sales.

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Following an Organic Path (0:23)

Tyler grew up in a family of sales folks, so he was inclined to end up in sales and had the natural instincts that allow you to be successful in that field.

He studied marketing at Clemson because there was no sales degree and spent a summer selling Cutco knives. Working for Cutco helped Tyler perfect demoing a product because it was so pushy and very pitchy.

Initially, he would focus on the pitch and the demo, but over time, he switched his focus to the customer, their situation, and what they already had in the kitchen. 

After college, Tyler got into consulting because that’s where the money was. But he realized it just wasn’t very fun. So he switched to selling via food truck and running a high-end catering company he built with his wife, Juliana. 

But still, that proved to be a lot of work outside the selling aspect. He got really good at barbeque and even met with Aaron Franklin, the owner of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas.

Changing the Pace (6:15)

Industry food service is super difficult, with low margins and really hard hours. The shift to a career in software sales was really driven by how his family had changed and grown.

Transitioning back into sales was difficult because of the left turn Tyler’s life had taken into being a business owner in foodservice. However, the breakthrough was when Tyler started to focus on what he did know. 

He knew how to run a small business and all the great and horrible things that came with it. So, he tried to find an organization that could relate to the message of small businesses.

He started as an AP at InfusionSoft and was promoted to sales manager. There he led a team of AEs and SDRs and really enjoyed that time. 

That ultimately transitioned into a position working remotely for HubSpot. He felt truly ingrained into the company’s culture, which he didn’t feel in other places. 

Tips and Tricks for Working Remote (17:52)

Most people aren’t more accustomed to a remote work environment and engagement. But it’s becoming a big preference for a lot of companies. 

Remote selling is interesting because you’ve got to have the ability to really control yourself, your calendar, and other variables.

Whether you’re an SDR, you’re an AE; you’ve still got numbers and metrics that you need to hit. So it requires a ton of self-discipline.

You must have the ability to work independently but also to go out and get feedback from your peers and superiors. Remember, there is always room for feedback and being able to take constructive criticism is a skill. 

Failing is part of the process, and it’s critical not to let it keep you down for too long.