Building a Better Life with Sales w/ Joe Sponcia

#79: Joe Sponcia, lifelong sales professional turned entrepreneur, discusses his career path in sales and as a founder and CEO of three different companies. He highlights the differences between selling for someone else and selling for yourself and examines what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Joe also explains how a career in sales set him up as a business owner and how skills in business ownership and sales can reinforce and enhance one another.


Joe Sponcia has a wealth of knowledge and experience from a varied background including, sales, sales leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

He has worked in small family-owned companies as well as large corporate entities and has packed all of his experience into the three companies he co-founded: Holston Logistics, Sunshine Transit Group, and Mobile Wrench Works. His goal is to help make the leap into being a business owner not so daunting. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn.