Nurturing Prospects that Aren’t Ready to Buy Yet w/ Stephen Beach

Nurturing Prospects that Aren’t Ready to Buy Yet w/ Stephen Beach

#87: Stephen Beach, Co-Founder and CMO at Vantage Impact, discusses following up and nurturing prospects who may not necessarily be ready to buy right now. He explains the importance of a customer-centric mindset, building relationships, and continuing to add value, no matter where the prospect is in the buying journey. Lastly, Stephen highlights podcasting as a way of connecting and expanding networks.


Stephen Beach is a sales rep turned inbound marketer, giving him a unique perspective on marketing-sales alignment and how marketing can best support a company’s sales efforts. Stephen is CMO at Vantage Impact, helping clients set up and optimize HubSpot’s tools to market better and sell more effectively and efficiently. His unique modernized approach to marketing and sales is a game changer for the financial services industry, helping advisory practices move beyond cookie cutter content and hand shaking at events, to be more digital and automated without losing personal touch. Follow Stephen on LinkedIn.

Stephen formed Vantage Impact with Traci Beach and their brother-in-law, Boston Cardinal, because it felt like the right time — in the middle of a pandemic with a bunch of little kids running around ??

The business model they built is unique, but what they did was very simple: Stephen and Traci combined their Craft Impact: A Growth & Communications Agency business with Boston’s 10+ years of financial advisor recruiting experience, where he managed 1500+ financial advisor transitions. Vantage Impact exists to guide financial advisors through big changes for their practice. The business has two sides: transition and growth. Once Vantage Impact helps advisors find the right firm, talent or custodian, it leverages strategic marketing and change communications, so advisors can grow a practice that’s profitable, impactful and life giving.

Stephen’s favorite things are golf, cold brew, bourbon (in that order). He is a big fan of goofy t-shirts and craft brewery trucker hats. Cheers ? to 2 “Impact” businesses ? and 3 little kids…what a ride!