Nick Capozzi explains how to create great sales videos

How to be B2B in a B2C World w/ Nick Capozzi

#92: Nick Capozzi, Head of Storytelling at Demostack, discusses what it means to be B2C in a B2B world. He begins by sharing his experience in the cruise industry and how he “accidentally” pivoted to tech sales. Nick then explains how sales development reps can make asynchronous sales videos work for them, including the importance of humanizing yourself, being honest, and personalizing your message. He also highlights why sales reps should take ownership of their own professional development and find a community to help them advance in their careers.


Nick is the Head of Storytelling at Demostack and one of the most sought-after content strategists in the industry. Broadcaster turned executive strategist Nick teaches leaders how to tell better, more engaging, stories and presentations. Follow Nick on LinkedIn.