Interviews at INBOUND: Social Selling & Building Relationships (Part Two)

Interviews at INBOUND: Social Selling & Building Relationships (Part Two)

#94: The second part of Outbound Sales Lift’s Interviews at INBOUND includes Tyler Lindley’s conversations with sales leaders at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference. If you missed part one, you can listen here.

This episode touches on how to approach social selling on LinkedIn and using a multichannel approach for prospecting. Additionally, Tyler talks with guests about the importance of establishing trust with prospects, taking advantage of your network, and building your personal brand through authenticity.

Guests include:


[0:51] Nick Capozzi, head of storytelling at Demostack, talks with Tyler about:

  • How he uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Using content for social selling on LinkedIn

[6:05] Ryan Johnson and Oliver Saikaly at LinkedIn discuss:

  • How SDRs can best leverage LinkedIn
  • Adopting a multichannel approach to prospecting
  • Whether cold calling is dead

[10:24] Darrell Amy of Selling from the Heart and Revenue Growth Engine explores:

  • How new SDRs can establish trust with prospects
  • Community-driven growth and how to build a network as an SDR
  • Learning to identify what buyers value when trying to make a sale

[18:22] Ben Rubin, revenue director at Remoteish explains:

  • The value of attending conferences in-person
  • Power of building a personal brand online
  • The role of community-driven growth in the future

[26:57] Tyler signs off from INBOUND by sharing his thoughts on the value of moving relationships from online interactions to in-person conversations.