Building a LinkedIn Presence that Sells w/ Penelope Yamauchi

#45: Listen as Penelope Yamauchi, Partnership Account Executive at Vendition, breaks down her approach to using LinkedIn to its greatest advantage. We discuss how LinkedIn adds value to any sales rep’s repertoire and tips you can use to ensure you’re getting everything you can out of the social media platform.

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Setting Up For Success (:49)

Start with the aesthetic of how your LinkedIn profile is represented and how you engage. Then, it’s about how you pattern-interrupt when engaging with prospects and actually sending those messages, LinkedIn videos, and voice memos.

The importance of consistent content creation is so vital to the success of generating that revenue, booking meetings, and closing deals.

Companies can give new employees what to include underneath the company on their LinkedIn profiles. You want it to be current because it’s a direct reflection of the company.

From there, a quick tutorial or template and a cover photo or recommendations for that profile photo would help immensely.

Consistent Content (4:27)

What are the relevant articles and blogs that your C-suite is posting that you could also share and begin to add value? Encourage people to engage by tagging them and asking what they think.

It’s not just about engagement and finding ways to increase connections while providing that consistent content will help you build overall.

When it comes to building consistent content, Penelope focuses on personalized requests in her messages. Things like adding playful banter about something she pulled from their title, their profile, their feature, or their content that says “I see you.”

Pattern-Interrupting (14:17)

She encourages listeners to interrupt their engagement patterns by responding to connections as videos and audio memos rather than exclusively through writing.

Interrupting the pattern brings you out of your comfort zone. Looking at building a LinkedIn brand as part of your job description, such as cold calling, is a great way to get used to reaching outside of what you’re comfortable with.

You can even take it a step further with LinkedIn video and start to create your videos on tick-tock.

Putting yourself out there can be really scary, especially if the confidence isn’t there yet. But the more you do it, the more you’ll gain, and it opens you to some truly special opportunities.

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Penelope’s Bio:

Penelope is currently a Partnerships Account Executive at Vendition. While competing for Arizona State University’s Swimming & Diving team during her undergraduate endeavors, Penelope competed in the 2012 Swimming Olympic Trials.

She spent the following years gaining a wealth of experience in Sports Marketing, Sales and Full Cycle Recruiting. Her desire to help people uncover their full potential blossomed within her role as a Recruiter, where she helped hundreds of former athletes find meaningful careers after their sports journey came to an end.

Within her current role at Vendition, Penelope is dedicated to helping bridge the gap between diverse SDR talent while practicing creativity, grit, networking, and relationship building. Her passion for sales is deeply rooted in her competitive drive, constant desire to seek and implement feedback, and dedication to making a career in Sales Development possible for everyone. Penelope prides herself on being a servant leader, and works diligently to uplift and inspire the next generation of diverse sales professionals.

In her free time, Penelope enjoys listening to podcasts, networking, surfing, doing yoga and recording unique marketing content that speaks to the impact she hopes to make in the world.