Building Your Personal Brand with Yurii Veremchuk

Building Your Personal Brand with Yurii Veremchuk

#101: Imagine this — you start a cold call, mention your name and company, and instead of immediately remembering an important meeting they just can’t miss, your prospect says, “Hey, I know you.” Once you’re able to pick your jaw off the floor and start asking a few questions, you learn that your prospect has read a few of your posts on LinkedIn and maybe watched some of the sales videos you shared. What started as a cold call has quickly turned into a warm conversation.

And that’s the power of a personal brand.

Yurii Veremchuk joins Tyler Lindley to share tips and insights around how to build your personal brand and the importance of content in sales. He explains how social media can boost sales by elevating both individuals and the company profile. While it may seem daunting to get started, once you do, a personal brand can elevate your work in sales and may also enhance your understanding of yourself.


Building a personal brand in sales

  • [00:51]: Why a personal brand is important in sales
  • [02:23]: Using content to create your personal brand

Why a personal brand is also important for sales leaders

  • [05:04]: How a company benefits from a sales leader developing a personal brand
  • [06:07]: How you personally benefit from developing a personal brand as a sales leader
  • [12:41]: How to use data to show the impact creating content can have for your company

Challenges in getting started with building a personal brand

  • [16:01]: Connecting with leaders in your industry
  • [18:03]: Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • [21:27]: What if no one is interacting with your content right away?


Yurii is one of the Top 200 LinkedIn creators. He is currently Head of Business Growth (outbound Sales) at Woodpecker with the mission to help companies grow on their own terms. Growing a business by your own rules can be a hard and Woodpecker was created to make it less of a struggle. Besides business, Yurii is into shredding slopes, racing (F1 reserve couch driver), and traveling around the world with his close ones. Follow Yurii on LinkedIn.

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