Embrace the Sales Evangelist Role with Amelia Taylor

Embrace the Sales Evangelist Role with Amelia Taylor

#102: Amelia Taylor joins Outbound Sales Lift to describe the role of sales evangelist and why more companies should consider investing in the position. An evangelist is focused on networking, connecting directly with prospects to build strong, trusting relationships.

Amelia explains that evangelists typically use social media, making connections online then having one-on-one conversations with prospects. She believes that no matter what stage of growth a company is in, the sales evangelist role can help develop key relationships that drive sales.


The Basics: Explaining the sales evangelist role

  • [01:27]: What it means to be a lead evangelist
  • [03:28]: The difference between a sales evangelist and an SDR
  • [06:42]: Does the evangelist role sit in sales or marketing?

Digging Deeper: How to incorporate a sales evangelist role in your company

  • [10:34]: The stage of growth during which companies should start thinking about a sales evangelist role
  • [19:07]: The differences between social selling and evangelism

Developing an Evangelist: Something different than “the way it’s always been done”

  • [20:47]: Moving beyond cold calling to a different type of outreach
  • [23:35]: Finding the right roles for your team


Amelia is a daily challenger of the status quo, learning best by taking action with a strategic, yet rebellious mindset. She specializes in Evangelism and GTM strategies at Regie.ai, an all-in-one content creation platform for modern GTM teams. Amelia strives to help others in dark social communities – meeting buyers where they “live”, testing strategic sales methods and has dedicated herself to mastering the art of social networking, brand building, and leveraging EQ + IQ together, putting people first always. Follow Amelia on LinkedIn.

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