Increase Your Positive Outbound Replies by 236% with Collin Mitchell

Increase Your Positive Outbound Replies by 236% with Collin Mitchell

#104: 236 percent.

236 percent?

236 percent!

Yes, Collin Mitchell is serious. He wants to help you increase your positive outbound replies by 236% through personalization.

But he doesn’t mean traditional personalization by targeting a persona or an ICP. He doesn’t even mean combing a prospect’s LinkedIn profile to find out where they went to college or connecting based on a recent post.

Collin Mitchell and Humantic AI are taking personalization a step further by understanding a prospect’s personality type and using it to your advantage. Knowing someone’s personality type can improve your communication and pitch by helping you present information in a way your prospect is most likely to respond.

With insights into specifics such as which personality type prefers longer emails versus bulleted lists or how to increase your open rate with a perfect subject line, you can win over more prospects with tailored outreach.


[01:07]: Using personalization to increase your outbound sales replies

  • Baseline sequences for outreach
  • Moving from personas and ICPs to personality types

[04:49]: Tailoring your outreach based on how your prospect prefers to receive information

  • Subject lines, bullet points, and message content
  • The importance of the right CTA

[13:15]: How is it possible to figure out a prospect’s personality type?

  • Using social media profiles to your advantage
  • Blending different personality types using specific surveys
  • How much data is needed to understand a person’s personality type

ABOUT Collin mitchell

Collin Mitchell, a 4x founder passionate about Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting. Collin is the Chief Evangelist at Humnatic AI where they are helping sellers personalize the entire sales process to build more rapport and close more deals.

Collin is also the host of Sales Transformation. He started with nothing but managed to grow his first business from 0 to 5M ARR in 26 months!

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