Interviews at INBOUND: SDR Management & Prospecting (Part One)

Interviews at INBOUND: SDR Management & Prospecting (Part One)

#93: Host Tyler Lindley attended HubSpot’s INBOUND conference and had the opportunity to talk sales with some of the leading minds in the industry. 

This episode is part one of the compilation of his conversations, covering topics including advice for SDR management, personalization in outbound prospecting, and whether or not LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool is really worth it for sales reps.

Guests include:


[1:00] Tyler shares key themes from his time at INBOUND — building relationships, leveraging your social networks, and the power of community.

[2:25] Brian Mueller of ID3 Consulting discusses:

  • How inbound and outbound strategies complement each other
  • Building personas
  • SDR management tips for coaching and training sales reps

[11:50] David Mattson, CEO & president of Sandler Training shares his thoughts on:

  • How first-time SDR managers can focus on growing themselves and the business while also training sales reps
  • Developing a common sales methodology across roles
  • Changes in outbound over the last few years including a reliance on technology and a lack of attention being paid to onboarding and training new SDRs

[20:53] Gray Winsler, account executive at Qwilr explains:

  • How Qwilr can help SDRs and AEs in various stages of the sales process
  • The importance of creativity in sales

[25:52] Tyler discusses pattern interrupting in sales and how he leveraged this tactic at INBOUND.

[26:29] Jesse Lipson, founder & CEO of Coffee discusses:

  • Why companies are bad at outbound
  • How the SDR role has changed over the last few years
  • Why he built his company, Coffee, and how it can help sales professionals

[32:31] John Rosar, CEO of REVGEN explains:

  • What outbound means to him
  • The importance of educating prospects
  • The tools and resources he suggests providing to new SDRs

[39:45] Dan Mott, founder of SIX3MEDIA talks about:

  • Why he doesn’t think LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that valuable for SDRs
  • The importance of content to continue nurturing leads
  • How SDRs can get started creating content

[46:17] Tyler closes the episode by exploring the power of a personal brand and how to scale from one-to-one communication to one-to-many content creation.