Recruiting Top Sales Talent with JR Butler

Recruiting Top Sales Talent with JR Butler

#103: In this episode, JR Butler joins Outbound Sales Lift to discuss how companies can recruit top sales talent. He discusses factors like sales process, unique IP, and equity that can help incoming SDRs get excited about an opportunity.

However, JR explains that companies should consider taking their recruiting efforts a step further by targeting entry-level sales reps who are focused on getting better and want to grow in their role versus those who are solely focused on a paycheck.

Lastly, JR shares his tips for closing a deal and ensuring that the top sales talent will thrive at your company.


[01:00]: How companies can position themselves to recruit top sales talent

  • Missionary versus mercenary employees — how to spot them and which one is right for your company
  • The importance of work-life balance and remote work

[08:31]: Discussion training and professional development in the hiring process

  • Emphasizing competitive culture while providing the skills needed to succeed
  • Selling a position through a job description

[17:39]: Positioning your company well during the interview process

  • Who should participate in interviews


JR Butler is the Founder and CEO of Shift Group, a sales recruiting and training firm that specializes in helping college, professional, and Olympic athletes transition into the world of Technology Sales.

Prior to starting Shift Group, JR was Chief Revenue Officer at Pillir, a fast growth low code software company out of Arizona. Prior to becoming a CRO, JR built and ran multiple sales teams at Turbonomic, helping the company go from a Series A start up to a $2B acquisition by IBM.

JR started his career at a value added reseller in Massachusetts, focused on data center solutions from EMC, Dell, HP, Cisco and VMware.

JR grew up playing multiple sports but went on to play Division 1 hockey at Holy Cross in central Massachusetts where he grew up. He was a sophomore on the 2006 team that beat Minnesota in the biggest upset in College hockey history. JR comes from a hockey family, with two brothers that played at the college level, with one going on to play in the NHL and the Olympics and a father whose in the Massachusetts Hockey coaches hall of fame.

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