SDR Coaching: Cold Calls with Jack Knight

SDR Coaching: Cold Calls with Jack Knight

#97: Host Tyler Lindley is joined by Jack Knight, founder of CallBlitz, to discuss coaching SDRs in cold calling. Jack explains the four types of call coaching and what he sees as the pros and cons of role playing. He shares specific tips to get reps comfortable making cold calls and the role of an SDR manager in developing their team.

Jack and Tyler compare notes on effective scorecards to provide actionable, useful feedback to sales reps. Lastly, they discuss coaching in a remote work environment and how to develop culture when your team isn’t regularly sharing an office.


SDR Cold Call Coaching

  • [00:52]: Jack compares the four types of cold call coaching to sports, including the role of a coach or SDR manager
  • [02:10]: Why most SDR programs aren’t coaching

The Role of SDR Managers

  • [09:21]: What SDR managers need for an effective cold call role play
  • [13:56]: What makes an effective scorecard — keeping it simple and putting yourself in the prospect’s shoes

Sales Coaching and Culture in a Remote Work Environment

  • [18:46]: SDR coaching in remote work environments
  • [26:07]: Building culture in a remove work environment

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Career SDR Leader & Founder of CallBlitz, Jack has led multiple SDR/BDR orgs and founded a company that lets remote sales teams make calls together just like they did in the office, all on Zoom!