Understanding Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with Kellen Casebeer

Understanding Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with Kellen Casebeer

#99: Do you know who you’re selling to? Sure, you have a name on a list, but who are they really? What keeps them up at night? What opening line will make them stay on the phone a beat longer to help you close a deal?

On the latest episode of Outbound Sales Lift, Kellen Casebeer shares the ins and outs of building and using an Ideal Customer Profile to help you sell. He explains how deep to go when developing a customer profile, who should be creating an ICP (hint: it’s probably you, at least in part), and how to use your profile to have a memorable conversation with a prospect.

Tyler and Kellen also dive in to attention-grabbing cold call introductions and how to use the concept of dilemmas to engage prospects.

If you want more than just a name on a list for your prospecting, this episode will help you understand the true value of developing an Ideal Customer Profile.


Developing and using an Ideal Customer Profile

  • [00:47]: Kellen explains what an Ideal Customer Profile is, how to develop one, and who should be responsible for developing an ICP
  • [05:24]: How SDRs can go deeper in building their understanding of an ICP

Starting off your cold calls by connecting with prospects

  • [07:11]: Why being direct, and starting with known objections, can improve your cold calls
  • [13:01]: Defining dilemmas and using pattern interruption to better connect with prospects
  • [17:26]: The importance of not just understanding prospects’ pain points, but why they have yet to be resolved


Kellen is a Sales Advisor for SDA & Founder of a paid sales community called The Speakeasy. He also sells a guide for breaking into remote sales without any selling experience. Follow Kellen on LinkedIn.

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