Onboarding a Sales Rebel w/ Dale Dupree

#13: Listen as Dale Dupree from the Sales Rebellion discusses how to best onboard your new sales hires and what it means to really set a new sales rep up for success. Important Links: Dale Dupree LinkedIn Profile The Sales Rebellion Key Moment:

Selling the Way you Buy w/ David Priemer

#11: Listen as David Priemer discusses some key themes from his new book “Sell the Way you Buy”. David brings a wealth of sales experience from startups and large enterprises like Salesforce and gives actionable advice on how to sell better today. Links Discussed: Cerebral Selling Website David Primer’s LinkedIn Profile Love Quotient Career Youtube …

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Gap Selling w/ Rachel Mae (A Sales Gal)

#10: Listen as Rachel Mae from Gap Selling details her strategies on sales training and sales enablement. Rachel has a wealth of sales experience selling directly and training sales teams in a variety of industries.

Outside Sales Team Optimization w/ James Ryder

#9: Listen as James Ryder from JR Consulting discusses outside sales team optimization. James goes over sales team turnarounds, why everyone is in sales, onboarding best practices, and more!

Strategically Scaling Sales w/ Simcha Kackley

#8: Listen as Simcha Kackley from Swivel goes over how to successfully scale your B2B sales organization. We discuss marketing and sales alignment, brute force selling, ideal customer profiles, and marketing automation.