Outbound Selling w/ Martin MacArthur

#7: Listen as Martin MacArthur discusses his background in top of the funnel sales. We discuss LinkedIn, personal branding, outbound selling and where Martin thinks sales enablement fits into top of the funnel selling.

Better researching means better selling with Joe Benjamin

Better Researching Means Better Selling w/ Joe Benjamin

#6: Listen as Joe Benjamin of Cheetah IQ dives into the importance of making sales team research as efficient and effective as possible. Joe and I discuss Cheetah IQ, social selling, sales research roles, sales enablement, and gaining efficiencies in your sales process.

Automating your sales process with email marketing with Liz Willits

Automating your Sales Process w/ Email Marketing w/ Liz Willits

#5: A discussion with Liz Willits, a self-professed email marketing nerd, who was sent millions of emails throughout her career at AWeber and higher education. We discuss email marketing automation tactics, webinar marketing, getting data from your website visitors, and how to do sales enablement without an actual sales team.

Using inbound to help empower your seals efforts with Max Cohen

Using Inbound to help empower your sales efforts w/ Max Cohen

#3: 3: Max Cohen, a product trainer at HubSpot, joins the podcast to discuss Inbound Sales & Marketing, effective onboarding for sales reps, and ideas on how to implement a sales enablement strategy at your organization.

How to enable an outsourced sales team with David Zeff

How to enable an outsourced sales team w/ David Zeff

#2: David Zeff, the CEO and Founder of Whistle, covers the advantages of outsourcing parts of your sales process in this interview. We also discuss why agility is important for your sales, how AI can help you sell better, and ideas for better marketing and sales alignment. Visit thesaleslift.com for more info!

What is Sales Enablement with Tyler Lindley

What is Sales Enablement? with Tyler Lindley

#1: Sales Enablement is a buzzword that’s used often but often misunderstood. Listen as Tyler Lindley dives deeper into what sales enablement means and what you can expect from The Sales Lift podcast moving forward.