Outbound Sales Lift

Outbound Sales Lift, hosted by Tyler Lindley

Outbound Sales Lift is a podcast designed to help you explore the human side of sales and business.

Leaders in their field share a dose of inspiration through stories about life and business. Sales professionals provide tactical tips you can put into practice today. It all comes together to help you chart your path forward.

Get inspired with stories from extraordinary people, elevate your performance with the latest outbound tactics, and find the lift you need to take your career to the next level.

New episodes are no longer being released, but we encourage you to explore our episode archive. Thank you to everyone who supported the podcast!

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Listen to past episodes of Outbound Sales Lift. Tyler talks with leaders in marketing, sales, and customer success to bring you career and business insights.

Sales Education Before Sales Tech w/ Asa Hochhauser

#68: Listen as Asa Hochhauser, the VP of Sales of McGaw.io, discusses sales technology in the world today. He goes over where to start, the best way to scale, and how to determine your team’s needs. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the sales lift” wherever you get podcasts. Check out

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Building a Non-Commission Sales Culture w/ Ben Rubin

#67: Listen as Ben Rubin, Senior Business Development Strategist at Remotish, discusses commission versus commission-less sales models. Ben and Tyler examine harnessing motivation, where companies go wrong, and how fostering happiness impacts job performance and recruitment. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the sales lift” wherever you get podcasts. Check out

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Building A Sales Operating System w/ Tyler Lindley & Amanda Sleger

#66: Listen as Amanda Sleger, Sales & Marketing Director at Lone Fir Creative, guest interviews The Sales Lift host, Tyler Lindley, about building a sales operating system. They discuss how having a system impacts the bottom line, how businesses can go about developing one, and best practices for getting started. Listen to the episode by

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SMB vs. Enterprise Selling w/ Alex Buckles

#65: Listen as Alex Buckles, CEO of Forecastable discusses the differences between SMB and enterprise selling. He and Tyler cover the transition into enterprise selling, what effective team selling looks like, and how to navigate the closing process. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the sales lift” wherever you get podcasts.

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Personalization, Creativity, & Passion in Sales w/ Tyler Lindley

#64: Listen as Tyler Lindley, Sales Coach and Host of The Sales Lift Podcast, talks about why passion, creativity, and personalization are so important in your sales approach. He goes over why sales is H2H (human-to-human), whether sales is an art or a science, and how video personalization can help your cold emails stand out.

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Building Sales Development from Scratch w/ Mike Farrell

#63: Listen as Mike Farrell, CEO of Green Leads, talks about his experience with sales development and startup companies. He touches on how to set up your growth stage strategically, things to consider with a new sales development team, and whether to insource or outsource sales development. Listen to the episode by clicking play below

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Building a Revenue Operating System w/ Ben Stroup

#62: Listen as Ben Stroup, President of Velocity Strategy Solutions, discusses building a revenue operating system for your business. He offers insight into how revenue operating systems drive revenue, how they play into common scorecards, and what roles managers have in overall success. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the sales

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How to Crush your First 30 days as an SDR w/ Eddie Cortez

#59: Listen as Eddie Cortez, Sales Development Coach at Vendition, discusses helping new SDRs and sales reps in tech and SaaS sales crush their role in their first month. Eddie touches on expectations and mindset, connecting with your managers, tips for coachability, and why understanding your prospect is critical to success. Listen to the episode

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Helping SaaS Founders Build an Outbound Sales Engine w/ Shaheem Alam

#58: Listen as Shaheem Alam, Co-Founder of FiveRings Marketing, talks about outbound prospecting in 2021. He and Tyler discuss the important elements of starting outbound prospecting, how Shaheem coaches his clients in habit formation, and missed opportunities that can take your pipeline to the next level. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR

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Family Sales Huddle: My Wife Interviews Me w/ Juliana & Tyler Lindley

#57: Listen as Juliana Lindley, full-time mom and marketer guru (& Tyler’s wife- if you didn’t already know!), guest interviews Tyler on his journey from marketing, to business owner, to sales rockstar. Tyler shares how following an organic path helped him land where he is today and offers tricks and advice to excelling in remote

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