Outbound Sales Lift

Outbound Sales Lift, hosted by Tyler Lindley

Outbound Sales Lift is a podcast designed to help you explore the human side of sales and business.

Leaders in their field share a dose of inspiration through stories about life and business. Sales professionals provide tactical tips you can put into practice today. It all comes together to help you chart your path forward.

Get inspired with stories from extraordinary people, elevate your performance with the latest outbound tactics, and find the lift you need to take your career to the next level.

New episodes are no longer being released, but we encourage you to explore our episode archive. Thank you to everyone who supported the podcast!

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Listen to past episodes of Outbound Sales Lift. Tyler talks with leaders in marketing, sales, and customer success to bring you career and business insights.

RevOps: Trends in Sales Tech & Strategy w/ Remington Rawlings

#56: Listen as Remington Rawlings, an SDR Operations Manager at Snowflake, talks about Revenue Operations for growing sales development teams. He discusses trends in technology and how the booming discipline of Revenue Operations fits into modern sales strategies. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the sales lift” wherever you get podcasts.

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Family Sales Huddle w/ my Mom Amy Pickens

#55: Listen as Amy Pickens, Tyler Lindley’s mom and retired pharmaceutical sales superstar, discusses what it takes to succeed in sales and whether or not you’re born with those skills. Amy goes over juggling work-life with family, setting boundaries, and what you can do to help develop instinctual skills for better sales performance. Listen to

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The Morning Sales Huddle Part 1 w/ Tyler Lindley

#54: Listen as Tyler Lindley pumps you up with a quick 3-minute Morning Sales Huddle. This quick pep talk will prepare you to take on your sales day. Let’s seize the day sales reps! Transcript: “Hi, I’m Tyler Lindley. And this is the Morning Sales Huddle brought to you by The Sales Lift. Today is

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How to Build & Structure SDR Onboarding w/ Graham Taylor

#53: Listen as Graham Taylor, Training Manager at Phreesia and SDR Nation Coach, discusses onboarding & training techniques for sales development reps. He goes over the importance of developing a solid strategy, the nuances of individual exercises, and how beneficial simulations can build confidence. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the

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Balancing Creativity & Process for SDRs w/ Jamison Pence

#52: Listen as Jamison Pence, Senior Manager of Sales Development and Operations at LeadIQ, discusses growing sales teams and how to balance creativity in the sales process. He gives tips on better organizing sales processes, specifically around sales development, and how scripts can launch SDRs to success in their roles. Listen to the episode by

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Building a Culture of Continuous Learning from Scratch w/ Summer Poletti

#51: Listen as Summer Poletti, Partner at the Chris Jennings Group, discusses coaching, continuous development in scale-up organizations, and how aligning your sales strategy can help you reach success. Listen to the episode by clicking play below OR search “the sales lift” wherever you get podcasts. Important Links: Summer’s LinkedIn Profile Don’t feel like listening?

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Inbound, Outbound & All-Around SDRs w/ Chet Lovegren

#50: Listen as Chet Lovegren, SDR leader & Host of the Sales RX podcast, discusses sales development and building an outbound muscle into your sales organization. Chet gives sales reps insight into how to effectively time-block, where they should focus energy, and tips for opening that conversation with prospective clients. Listen to the episode by

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Igniting Sales Development w/ Sam Schooley

#48: Listen as Sam Schooley, SDR Manager at Post-Click and builder of award-winning SDR teams, discusses what to look for when building a successful sales team. He and Tyler go over the benefits of promoting from within, building a bench, and how to balance inbound and outbound sales strategies. Listen to the episode by clicking

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Developing Soft Skills for New SDRs w/ Adam Piasecki

#47: Listen as Adam Piasecki, Senior Enablement Lead at MURAL, talks SDR training and what to look for in new hires. He and Tyler discuss missed opportunities and how developing soft skills such as active listening, emotional intelligence, and effectively handling feedback can take a sales team to the next level. Listen to the episode

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Coaching Your Sales Managers to be Great Leaders w/ Drew Bickers

#46: Listen as Drew Bickers, Vice President of Sales at NCC Group, speaks on his mission to develop sales managers into sales leaders. We discuss what it takes to be a good mentor, turning failure into strength, and how his passion for coaching has impacted his career. Listen to the episode by clicking play below

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Building a LinkedIn Presence that Sells w/ Penelope Yamauchi

#45: Listen as Penelope Yamauchi, Partnership Account Executive at Vendition, breaks down her approach to using LinkedIn to its greatest advantage. We discuss how LinkedIn adds value to any sales rep’s repertoire and tips you can use to ensure you’re getting everything you can out of the social media platform. Listen to the episode by

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